What People Say

Here is some feedback that we've received over time:

“We were treated in a very professional manner at all times. Staff were all amazing”

“Your help has empowered me to have the knowledge and understanding to apply in a practical and effective way, to deal with a very difficult situation”

“Certain to recommend to others, they were on the ball all the time”

“Ray gave the knowledge and understanding to enable me to help myself.”

“As the parent of a severely disable son who had been hitting ‘brick walls’ for two years, it was a great relief that we found an individual who fully understood my son’s predicament. He cared deeply enough to try to resolve matters in a timely manner. He is an unsung hero and I do not use these words lightly”.

“Without your help we would never have achieved the result we did for our daughter. Keep up the good work. You are an invaluable source of information and help and much needed in the community, thank you”.

“Case workers were never judgemental, always supportive and objective about what was needed for each stage of the case”.

“Ray is an outstanding legal adviser within the specialist area of community care. Rarely does one find a professional who will go beyond the call of duty”.

And on the question, “how might we improve”: “No improvement needed, Ray is very kind and helpful”.

“More staff, more funding, so you can include housing and mortgage support”.

“Make yourselves more visible in libraries, doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and so on”.