In our many years as a charity supporting people with their legal needs we have, amongst many others, achieved the following....

Achieved NHS Continuing Care, a free service, awarded to an elderly gentleman paralysed from a stroke. With legal argument the award was backed to the date of the assessment.

Care was stopped and health needs not met. SCCM secured Direct Payments so client could choose what he needed. SCCM also secured back payments.

Child in need receiving Disability Living Allowance, received no support. Certificated case for legal action.

Disabled elderly man assessed but no offer of help with meals, cleaning, or any helpful equipment. This would enable living at home and avoid possible care home admission. Assessment challenged.

Carer’s assessment obtained after many years of no help for carer. Occupational therapy assessment requested and waiting for outcome.

No care provision despite eligible needs according to Local Authorities own assessment. After intervention, client awarded personal budget paid direct to client.

Trust discharged client 3 times. Community care assessment was asked for by SCCM after which services offered.

Young man with ASD and no care plan, now a case under legal challenge.

And much much more!