Somerset Community Care Matters covers a wide range of health and social care subjects relevant to community care law.

Our aim:

To provide access to specialist advice, advocacy and casework under Community Care Legislation in Somerset, get legal advice about the NHS, Social Services and Disability Rights.

Ensuring the most vulnerable people in our society do not suffer through lack of information or advice about their rights to Community Care under the Law.

Working with multidisciplinary partners to achieve the best possible outcomes for people, we aim to help build a healthy, informed and caring community.

We provide advice on access to:

  • Health and social care
  • Mental health care
  • Hospital discharge
  • NHS procedures, including continuing health care
  • Older people, care choices and charging
  • Accommodation issues around health
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Disability, rights and entitlements.

Somerset Community Care Matters is a social enterprise and Registered Charity Number: 1158913

Could you be an Angel for SCCM

Somerset Community Care Matters is a legal aided service not for profit charity.

SCCM would like to help everyone but it cost's £55 an hour to work on cases. Income from Legal Aid is for those who fit the criteria, not those who don't.

All donations help no matter how small. All will be gratefully received, we try to provide the same quality service to all our clients

 SCCM, Sussex Lodge, 44 Station Road, Taunton. TA1 1NS.
T: 01823 282538
F: 01823 331052